Last Updated on 1st July 2016

It is a constant endeavour for us to provide the best services and code quality to our clients, before any contract we encourage all partner clients to go through our refund policies and our terms and conditions. Once the contract has been signed and the first invoice has been generated it is understood that client agrees to the following refund policies, guidelines and terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions / General Guide-lines
  • (1) The deadlines given by the company are enforcable and legally binding from the next day after receiving of the cleared payment of the first advance payment.
  • (2) Deadlines given are measured in working days. For example, if we have quoted the deadline as 10 days, it is understood that the deadline is 10 working days and not 10 calendar days. Please refer to Working Days section for a list of working days
  • (3) We encourage our clients to keep communications as simple as possible, over a single channel, in written format over emails and avoid forming Whatsapp/Facebook Groups so that communication can be streamlined and managed and leave little scope for misinterperation
  • (4) Clients are encouraged to maintain only one single point of contact contact from their end so that communications can be streamlined, leaving very little scope for mis-interperation.
  • (5) We like meetings over pizza and beer but with prior information. All clients are encouraged to schedule meetings with us and our developers at least a day earlier and invite each other through Google Calendar invites, so that we both can effectively manage our day and plan ahead for other commitments and priorities
  • (6) We encourage communications over email and in written formats. Any commitments made verbally in a meeting or telephone or through any other medium, but not over email are not legally binding.
  • (7) After each and every offline meeting, we will send you the Minutes of the Meeting, the clients are expected to revert back to them for confirmations as soon as possible.
  • (8) We expect our clients to call us or email us and our team members between 10.30PM to 7.30PM IST (Indian Standard Time) unless there is a difference in timezones. The same timings apply when it comes to replies to emails.
  • (9) We will send a list of requirements for each project after receipt of cleared payments of the first installment to the client in 2 working days or 48 working hours. We expect the clients to send them ASAP (not more than 3 working days) to avoid delay in projects.
  • (10) In case of disputes, the clients are expected to follow the guidelines (mentioned above and below) and keep correspondance with the Delhi Nerds strictly through emails.
  • (11) In case of disputes, in addition to point (10), no communications over the telephone or offline meetings will be entertained. Also, the client acknowledges that sufficient time (minimum of 2 working days) should be given to the Delhi Nerds to reply to any email regarding any dispute.
  • (12) In case of disputes, in addition to points (11) and (12), the jurisdictions are restricted to the courts of NCT of Delhi, cases outside the jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi will not be entertained
Working Days and Hours
  • (1) Working Days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • (2) List of Holidays : Republic Day (26th January), Independance Day (15th August), Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October), New Year's Eve (31st December), New Year's (1st January), Lohri, MakarSankranti, Mahashivratri, Holi, Good Friday, 31st March on account of financial year closing, Budhh Purnima, Eid-ul-fitr, Raksha Bandhan, Janamashtmi, Ganesh Chaturchi, Eid-ul-zuha, Dusshera, Muharamm, Durja Pooja, Bhai Dooj, Vishkarma, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas Day
  • (3) Work timings: 10AM to 6PM (Indian Standard Time)
Refund Policies
  • (1) If the timelines are not met by Delhi Nerds and the client does not wish to continue with services of Delhi Nerds, the client is entitled to a refund of at the most 70% of the amount paid to the company till that date.
  • (2) If the timelines are not met by Delhi Nerds and the client still wishes to continue with services of Delhi Nerds, the client may deduct 1% per week of the remaining amount to be paid as penalty. The penalty amount may be deducted from the final payment to Delhi Nerds
  • (3) No refund policies (1) and (2) are applicable if the delay in meeting with the time-lines are due to the late submission of required content and assets by the client
  • (4) No refund (1) and (2) is applicable if any given point of time during the contract period the client has access to any source code

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