Reasons you shouldnt buy fake Facebook likes

July 8, 2016, 6:40 p.m.

The world witnesses a great change in the concept of new age marketing as the major part of the paradigm has shifted to social media. As the social media has opened a new chapter of marketing in recent years, new marketing trends and methodologies have emerged. As the online industry gets bigger every passing day, let us look into some of the anomalies that have crept in marketing that puts the ethics to trial.

Your competitor has thousand likes and you are still struggling in hundreds. This is perfectly alright. Do not worry, every marketing expert or a successful entrepreneur out there has went through this. Let us start with the factors that motivates a marketer to buy likes:

1) Impressing the bosses:

Today in the result driven work culture, one needs to be strong with numbers. You need to show your bosses that you are building an outreach but in reality you are not.

2)To show off fake numbers:

This is one of the major factors that motivates one to buy likes. Nobody likes to like a page that has just 20 to 30 likes. You need to create fake numbers to encourage other people to like your page. But this practice can be very harmful to your business in long run.


How good is it when you pay people to be your friends? Same goes for your business, paid friends will go away when you stop paying them. A consumer community is the core part of every business which becomes the pivot for each decision. If you indulge in such a practice, just reflect - What kind of consumer community are you trying to build? Can you take your business decisions based on this fake consumer community? Can your business sustain in longer run with this community?


Let us look into reasons why one should not buy Facebook likes:


1) Page engagement and edge rank:

The quality of content on your page is judged by Facebook using the user engagement your page generates. Edge rank is an algorithm used by Facebook in order to determine the stories that would appear in an user's news feed. User inactivity on you Facebook page will cost you a great deal. In some conditions, due to inactivity of your page followers your posts might not appear in the news feed of your genuine followers as well. So your entire marketing strategy will hit the wall.

More information can be learned from this blog post.

2) Most of the likes you buy are fake accounts:

Many researches have found that a major portion of the likes you buy are bogus users. Most of the accounts do not have a profile picture or any details mentioned in their about section. Furthermore, researchers also found that a large number of traded accounts were just created a few weeks back and had two to three posts on them.

One site that we have seen that does not get bots:


3) You can be labeled as a spammer:

These services which trade likes are considered as spam by social media sites. If you use such services, you yourself can be considered as a spammer by social media sites. This would be very harmful to your brand. After being labeled as a spammer you would start losing genuine followers and in some cases there can be restrictions imposed on your account which would severely limit your genuine outreach.


4) Credibility of your brand:

Nowadays as social media penetration has widely increased users have turned smart in their decisions. What would they think of you if your page has a million likes and your last post just received four likes?


5) It will screw up your marketing data:

Analytics are the integral part of the decision making process as far as marketing is concerned. How old are your followers? What interests do they have? Where do they live? The answers to these questions play a pivotal role in the placement of your product. Buying fake users won't do you any good and it will cause a lot of decision-making troubles.


6) It will become an advertising bottleneck:

Once you have bought fake likes, next time you use Facebook ads to advertise your page it would cost you a lot of money and time in real terms. The algorithm that works behind Facebook ads is that it uses the information of your present followers in order to predict your potential followers. Hence those ads for which you will pay a hefty amount next time will mostly be delivered to fake redundant accounts.


So to conclude, buying fake likes would cost you much more than the return you expect out of them. Not only they challenge your business ethics but also cost you credibility and money in real terms.