The man who inspired an entire generation!

June 9, 2016, 2:27 p.m.

“Dreams are not something that you see in sleep, its something that does not let you sleep.”

One of many inspiring words said by a soul and one of the most reverend personality not only in India, but across the world. A man with weighty thoughts and wise words. His departure from the world united the entire nation and every section of the society. A person who catalyzed the growth of the nation not during his presidential reign but throughout his entire career.

Let us know what lessons of life, success and his ideas, Dr. Kalam left us to learn.

“I took up the program- I meaning team”

During an interview, while explaining his journey of ISRO that is Indian Space Research Organization Dr. Kalam said- I took up the program. I meaning my team. He clearly stressed upon the team of youth he was working with and the immense power of young minds in terms of ideas, innovation and creativity that every nation needs for development.

Handle success but failure too

A lot of us know how to handle success but not failures. Kalam taught us to manage success and also the times when we fail. Not getting disheartened, accepting your failure and taking its responsibility will not cost you nothing but make you stronger for the next challenge.

2020 Vision- Differences between countryside and cities to disappear

Very few political people had set a long term vision for the nation, they weren’t sure, they would be a part of the reign that time. Dr. Kalam had a vision to make India, a developed nation by diminishing the differences between the rural area and the cities, striving towards equalizing them on the grounds of technology, connectivity and knowledge, hence making them emerge economically.

Travel on unexplored path

To get successful, to leave an impression on other’s life, be a part of something which no one ever did. Take risks, take the path that was not taken before, make your way and lead the mass. Show courage to take decisions, even if it gets you failure, it teaches you a lesson. These wise words encouraged many to take up new things which in turn had a drastic impact on their lives and others’ as well.

Encouraging entrepreneurship to fight poverty

India is not a developed nation. There is still a major section of the world living below poverty line including India. India having one of the largest youth power, must create an education to include syllabus and teach skills of entrepreneurship, giving them freedom to set new enterprises. This would collectively transform our developing nation into a developed one by marketing our products to others in a competitive way.

This man encouraged many, gave birth to million new ideas and touched infinite lives. He is not here with us anymore, but let us make him live forever by accepting, adopting and implementing what so ever he ever taught us. Long live his spirit and his wisdom.